The Mission


The advent of this movement to better realize products hints at the beginning of a new era, with the designer leading the way.

I started this effort in service of the designer who is standing in the spot I once stood. Wanting to find a better way forward for their career, their company and their product contributions. Call me a visioneering sherpa, here to guide the journey.

Let’s call it how it is: digital programs have yet to recognize the designer’s full potential and position them to attain it. This is hurting both business and design. But designers, if we’re keeping it real, we also haven’t known how to level-up. Thankfully, we’re collectively being forced to reckon.  

The digital product designer wave will be the revolutionary shift that transforms both the designer and digital. A shift that I believe will trigger the digital product space to rearrange and unify — comprehensively integrating the user, design, and technology to mindfully drive a business forward. This is the beginning of a new era for digital, with the designer leading the way. The way to harness your power as a digital product designer, is by championing the product vision: visioneering.

I believe the product vision to be the keystone of a digital product. Think of your product vision as the strategic compass that keeps an evolving digital offering aligned with a company’s north star—its mission and purpose—and deliverables tethered to a course that’s solving for user problems through the lens of commercially critical business objectives.

Any way you slice it, it’s all about the vision and the strategy to execute that vision. But as important as strategic vision is, you would think big business would do a better job handling, nurturing, and dedicating resources to the weighty responsibility of achieving it. But, unfortunately, most don’t. And even more troubling, they seem blind to the need, continuing to launch digital offerings that fail to bloom.

The endless uphill battle never ceases to remind me that traditional business models still have yet to fully adopt design into the fold as a core capability. But as practitioners of design, our main goal is to better—and the big businesses of the world have plentiful resources and brand reach to make an impact. So, if the designer can elevate themselves as a strategic influencer to those high-level decisions and direction, the possibilities are limitless.

Visioneering has the power not only to right these wayward enterprise ships, but to ultimately influence their direction. To do so, digitally-minded designers working in today’s user experience design space (UXD, UI, IA, IxD, etc.) must first make the leap to digital product design. This requires the user experience designers to evolve their product game and strategic maturity to emerge as the bridge that connects design-to-business. Then apply that strategic product mindset to translate visionary thinking into real deliverables. Through this book and respective efforts, I plan on showing designers exactly how to do it.

So, who’s with me?


Laura Fish
Digital Product Designer: Strategist & Vision(eer)

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