Mission statement

This is the beginning of a new era, with the designer leading the way.


I started this effort in service of the designer who is standing in the spot I once stood. Wanting to find a better way forward for their career, their contributions and their company.

Let’s call it how it is: big business has yet to recognize design as a core competency. Without that seat at the table, designers aren’t positioned (or encouraged) to reach their full potential. This is hurting both business and design.  

The modern designer wave will be the revolutionary shift that will transform the designer and finally cement design that seat at the grownup table. This is the beginning of a new era, with the designer leading the way. For those of us working in the digital product space, the modern designer is a strategic designer who drives the keystone of a digital product, the product vision.

To be worthy of this level of leadership, the designer working in today’s digital product space must first advance themselves from the predominantly output-tethered designer (UXD, UI/UX, IA, IxD, etc.) to a strategic designer. Only when this hard-won transformation is complete, can the designer harness their newfound strategic power by championing a new product vision reincarnated for an agile world: visioneering.

Today, every digital product journey is an uncharted expedition. The landscape quick to change due to the fast-paced nature of technology and ever-rising bar of user expectation. To navigate this terrain, the new product vision now becomes a strategic compass. Your company’s mission & purpose now becomes your north star. The key to success is keeping that strategic compass and north star aligned every step of the way. Your product now bound to a purposeful direction, delivering the best experience that’s solving for user problems through the lens of commercially critical business objectives.

By way of visioneering, the strategic designer has the power not only to course correct the many wayward enterprise ships, but to ultimately influence their direction. This poises the designer to both lead today’s slated projects and determine tomorrow’s bigger picture. Any way you slice it, it’s all about vision and smart strategy to execute vision. Through this book and respective efforts, I plan on showing designers exactly how to do it. Call me the visioneering sherpa, here to guide the journey.


So, who’s with me?


Laura Fish
Designer: Experience & Strategic Product Vision(eering)