Laura Fish



Boston-based, Laura Fish is a modern designer focusing on strategic product vision that affects big change for the better. She’s currently authoring The Designer’s Guide to Product Vision  and organizing the respective movement to help fellow designer’s level-up. 

With fifteen years embedded in digital product programs and user experience teams, her product vision designs earned her a spot influencing major decisions at notable Fortune 500 companies. She now speaks to the hard lessons learned and resulting expertise gained, that led her to both appreciate that elevated influencer position and better harness that power. 

After recent years calibrating that thinking, she realized she had unexpectedly made the pilgrimage from an output-tethered designer to a strategic designer, with newfound purpose. She had gradually evolved her product game and strategic maturity to emerge as the bridge that connects design-to-business. Then honed that strategically-savvy digital product mindset to champion her love for the vision: visioneering.  

Now she’s dedicated to helping designers standing in the spot she once stood… wanting to find a better way forward for their career, their company and their product contributions. Call her the visioneering sherpa, here to guide the journey. 

When she’s not solving pixel problems or arguing with Siri, she’s working on her artwork.


Laura Fish. 2018.