Harness your power as a digital product designer by championing the keystone of digital products, product vision.

Harness your power as a digital product designer by championing the product vision.


The visioneering dictionary

Product Vision:

I believe the product vision to be the keystone of a digital product.

Think of your product vision as the strategic compass that keeps an evolving digital offering aligned with a company’s north star—its mission and purpose—and deliverables tethered to a course that’s solving for user problems through the lens of commercially critical business objectives.


Mission Statement

I started this effort in service of the digitally-minded designer working in today’s user experience design space, who is standing in the spot I once stood. Wanting to find a better way forward for their career, their company and their product work.

Call me the visioneering sherpa, here to guide the journey.

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Find all of my articles on digital product design/er, product vision and visioneering posted to The Latest Word. You’ll also find these articles posted one week later to my medium publication and LinkedIn profile to facilitate dialog.

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A Higher Calling: From UXD’er to Digital Product Designer

January 21, 2019. Moving beyond the identity crisis, clarifying the role change and harnessing that newfound power.

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